Virtual Support

Virtual Support

Whether you need a space to explore your birth preferences, get some practical tips for labor, or would like to plan for your postpartum period, we can create an open space for you to explore your options virtually.

Prenatal Support And Education 

This is your space to explore and topics or questions you would like to prepare more for. We discuss through phone or email how to frame your time best for your needs. Topics can include any of the following:

Process how your pregnancy has been so far, your fears, your concerns, and anything else that may come up
Information on preparing your body for your labor and optimal fetal positioning
Early labor tools to set you up for a calm and positive experience
Comfort measures at home and then in hospital
Creating an open birth plan
Medical pain management information
Different hospital interventions and how to advocate for yourself
How to support your labor with your birth partner or alone
Preparing emotionally and practically for your postpartum period

1 Meeting €75 +19% VAT
3 Meetings €200 + 19% VAT

Each prenatal meeting lasts on average 2 hours but can vary depending on the families needs.

Postpartum Doula Sessions

For folks who want extra support after your birth on a daily basis. These daily check-ins can include:

Postpartum healing advice
Newborn care information and tips
Postpartum food recipes and recommendations
Birth debriefing Infant feeding information
A non-judgemental space to share the trials & tribulations of parenthood

1 Session €40 + 19%VAT

3 Sessions €100 + 19%VAT
7 Sessions €225 + 19%VAT
15 Sessions €500 + 19%VAT

Each postpartum session lasts an hour and can be flexible to your changing needs with a newborn.


Virtual Birth Doula

•Two online prenatal meetings
•Provide Evidence-based Information & Resources on Pregnancy, Birth, & Postpartum
•Discuss Comfort Measures, Pain Coping Techniques, & Interventions
•Parenting preparation and newborn care
• Discuss ways for you to advocate for yourself while birthing in a hospital
•Phone and E-mail support
•24/7 On-call for you and your birth beginning at 38 weeks
•Virtual Support through phone, text, or video from early labor until just after your birth
•One online Postpartum meeting

€750 + 19%VAT

*All packages and individual sessions include access to my digital planning and information workbook as well as online and in person resources here in Berlin.

*Sliding scale options for Black, POC, Queer, Trans, Fat, or Disabled folks upon request

Happy Clients

Jes was wonderful. The birth of our daughter was thankfully without any serious complications or surprises. Jes’s quiet presence gave us just the right amount of reassurance that we believe contributed to the great outcome and to the overall positive experience. The few hiccups we encountered here and there, Jes was able handle with ease of an expert. Were we to have another child in the future, we would not hesitate to hire Jes to be our doula again!

Lucie D.

Jes really saved our lives! Having her in our home, supporting me, my partner and our older son was the best decision we made that year, turning what could have been a fraught experience into the most calm, enjoyable and special time imaginable. She instinctively knew what I needed, whether that was to spirit the baby away for an hour while I napped; to play with our older son and make him feel really special, or to listen to me when I re-lived the birth over and over!

Louise E.