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Jes did an amazing job with our family portraits. She had so much patience for my four year old and newborn and really made magic happen. I was really grateful that there wasn’t any time pressure or stress in the way she works. I’ll definitely be working with her again in the future.


For us it has been a pleasure and a great help! Maybe you could think that it was only a little help but considering we are first time parents without any extra help, neither relatives around to help and guide have you as a postpartum companion has been not only a good experience, it’s been also a very supportive time especially for me. This time with you gave me the chance to have a little “me time” and in this new chaotic scenario it meant a lot for me! After sleepless nights and a lot of pressure these hours were a relief and needed recovery time to continue going on with that huge project of being a new mom. Thanks to you for taking such good care of me and my family, for your hugs, nice words, advice, conversation, for your helpful hands, the delicious meals (I won’t ever forget that gorgeous Carrot Cake), and for being always so supportive and sweet.

Hellen C.

I engaged Jes Walsh as a post-partum doula when I was expecting my second son. Our first son was a really tricky baby, and I knew from experience that the weeks after the birth can be bewildering, exhausting and isolating, particularly when you don’t have any family here in Berlin, and your partner has to go back to work. Jes really saved our lives! Having her in our home, supporting me, my partner and our older son was the best decision we made that year, turning what could have been a fraught experience into the most calm, enjoyable and special time imaginable. She instinctively knew what I needed, whether that was to spirit the baby away for an hour while I napped; to play with our older son and make him feel really special, or to listen to me when I re-lived the birth over and over! She’s a really calm person to have around; funny when you need her to be, melting into the background when that’s what you want, practical, unfussed, and a really, really good listener. Somehow, she always made me feel like I was doing great, so I felt supported in my own decisions, rather than having someone come in and tell me what to do. She was punctual, totally reliable, and very flexible, working around our needs. Our little son was really happy being with her; she’s great with babies! I had the same beleghebamme for both births, and for me, it made a huge difference, having someone there who could come to the house and support me in early labour, someone whose sole focus was me. I know they’re not easy to find though, and having worked with her over several weeks, I think Jes would be exactly the person I would want at my side when those contractions start!
Louise E.

Jes’s calm and professional approach created a very relaxed atmosphere where I could interact with my baby easily. I couldn’t recommend Jes enough. Her style really captures memories to have forever in a natural and unposed way.

Rebecca M.

Jes was wonderful. The birth of our daughter was thankfully without any serious complications or surprises. Jes’s quiet presence gave us just the right amount of reassurance that we believe contributed to the great outcome and to the overall positive experience. The few hiccups we encountered here and there, Jes was able handle with ease of an expert. Were we to have another child in the future, we would not hesitate to hire Jes to be our doula again!
Lucie D.

We had the honor of Jes as our doula and I can’t tell you how amazing she is! She listened to the desires I had for my labor and delivery and went above and beyond to meet those. She helped walk me through my fears and was an incredible support through the new discoveries I made about myself in this process. I couldn’t recommend her more! She is caring, gentle, understanding, and she will never give up on you, no matter what! My husband and I couldn’t have had the labor and delivery that we had without Jes there to help support us. It truly was an amazing experience and the investment we made in her was beyond worth it!

Lisa R.

Jes helped me throughout the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period of our baby boy. I am a first time mum and I found her to be an exceptionally supportive, knowledgeable person in her field. I always felt much respect from her and was able to talk to her about my hopes and fears. She always listened to me and asked the right questions and answered a million of mine and never made me feel silly for asking them.  She sent me links to information, apps and videos that were very helpful, and we were even able to do Skype calls. She checked in with me very regularly and above all made it much known that she was always there for me for whatever may arise throughout my pregnancy and into postpartum and made it very easy to reach out to her. Having someone you trust to listen to you, to be there for you and have your best interests at heart during this extremely personal time is priceless. For anyone considering working with Jes, I sincerely urge you to hire her.
Thank you Jes,  for being there for me, my family, and our baby. We are so grateful for all your help and you will forever be in our hearts

Jessica T.

Jes was there for me and my new baby post-partum. My husband had gone back to work, meaning he was overseas for weeks at a time and I was home alone with our baby, who wasn’t gaining weight properly. I found Jes online and sent her a message and she came round for a first meeting. I really was in a very vulnerable and emotional state, short of sleep but mostly drunk on the strangeness of my baby being here, in real life, and entirely my responsibility. Worrying about her feeding was also taking its toll.
Jes answered my questions, helped me with essential housework, took out the bins, went to buy food for us, watched the baby while I took much-needed showers and naps. But what I remember doing even more good than that was simply her manner and the quality of her presence. I discovered a need to talk about the birth, which was a very positive experience but my head and heart were just full of it. She is possibly the best listener I’ve ever met, which comes, I think from how passionate she is about what she does. It’s a rare woman who can tell the difference between a frazzled new mum who needs advice and a frazzled new mum who just needs a soothing and receptive presence to help her empty her ringing brain. Jes has a way of creating a safe space for you and your baby just through her warmth and gentle positivity.
Any woman who chooses her as a companion through the adventures of pregnancy, birth or the first weeks with a new baby will have the most supportive, mother-centred and empowering ally possible. I can’t recommend her enough.
Katie S.

Thank you Jes, I’m so happy to have these photos as memories for my family and children to keep. I can’t stop looking at them!

Erin J.