Postpartum Doula

Postpartum Doula

In-person Postpartum Support includes:

Aid in transition from birth center to home
Cook nutritional meals and help with grocery shopping from your choice on my personalized menu
Childcare when parent rest is needed
Support in everyday activities such as accompany you with your trips to the doctor and setting up baby gear
Nest preparation (cleaning, baby-proofing, organizing before or after baby’s arrival)
Breastfeeding or alternate feeding support with formula and bottle cleaning
Opportunity to process your birth story
Support with newborn basic care such as chord care, bathing, swaddling, and diaper changing advice etc.
Older sibling support to ensure you have bonding time with your new baby
Pre-birth meal preparation to help in the last few weeks of pregnancy
Information on local resources
Overnight support to help you get the rest you need while I change, burp, and soothe your baby back to sleep

€35 per hour +19% VAT

Postpartum support packages are customizable for your needs with a minimum of 20 hours in total. Daytime shifts are typically between 3-5 hours long and  overnight shifts are 10 hours long. Please get in touch with any questions about customizing your postpartum package.

Postpartum Support And Education 
€275 +19%VAT

3 postpartum meetings  to discuss:
Process your birth story and explore the highs and lows
Information on body healing and methods of rest to help your body recover
Early parenting tips to help maximize your time to limit movement and allow more time for rest and recovery
Education on topics such as feeding, sleep, baby carrying, baby massage, and bathing your baby.
Create a plan for support from your community
Supporting difficulties that can arise and how to problem solve or find outside resources
How to continue positive communication through this transition in your relationship
Have a non-judgmental container to express your experience

Each Postpartum Support and Education meeting lasts on average 2 hours but can vary depending on the families needs

*Sliding scale options for Black, POC, Queer, Trans, Fat, or Disabled folks upon request

Happy Clients

Jes was wonderful. The birth of our daughter was thankfully without any serious complications or surprises. Jes’s quiet presence gave us just the right amount of reassurance that we believe contributed to the great outcome and to the overall positive experience. The few hiccups we encountered here and there, Jes was able handle with ease of an expert. Were we to have another child in the future, we would not hesitate to hire Jes to be our doula again!

Lucie D.

Jes really saved our lives! Having her in our home, supporting me, my partner and our older son was the best decision we made that year, turning what could have been a fraught experience into the most calm, enjoyable and special time imaginable. She instinctively knew what I needed, whether that was to spirit the baby away for an hour while I napped; to play with our older son and make him feel really special, or to listen to me when I re-lived the birth over and over!

Louise E.