Photography FAQs

What is a birth photographer?

Birth photography is customizable and can cover anything or everything from labor to delivery to postpartum measurements and bonding. You get to capture the very first moments that your baby is in your arms. The first finger grab. The look on your partner’s face. All of those priceless moments are documented in a candid, and creative way. You can choose which moments are most important to you and I will do all that I can to capture them for you. Having a birth photographer can help you and your partner stay in the moment to truly appreciate your new family together while they capture all of the memories for you.

When do you arrive?

I arrive at the hospital, birth center or home when you are in active labor. There are a lot ways to tell whether this the case but usually I wait for word from either your midwife or doula. I arrive anywhere from 5cm-7cm and stay as long as I need to after that. This is where communication is really key, the more I know about how your labor is progressing the more prepared I can be.

How do I know if my place of birth allows photography?

The best way to know is to ask your care provider during your registration or info evening. In most cases they leave that decision up to you. They want you to be able to create the birthing space you envision and be as comfortable as possible.

Typically hospitals and birth centers allow two people to attend your labor and birth with you, on of which can be me (a photographer).

How long will you stay at my birth?

With a birth photography story I typically stay at your birth from the moment you ask me to come (in active labor) until 1-2 hours after birth once everyone is settled in and would like some family bonding alone together.

When you have me booked for a fresh 48 story, I stay for 1-2 hours with no rush so we can include things like diaper changing, nursing, and baby naps where needed. These are the first hours of your baby’s life so we can take things slowly to explore every wonder with them.

What happens if I am planned for a c-section or if I need an emergency c-section?

In case of caesarean or emergency caesarean you may need to talk this over with your provider and see what their policies are. Depending on the hospital they may have a no photography policy or only 1 person in the room policy. If you’d like that to be me than I’d love to be there. This can be determined by hospital or by doctor so it’s important to ask before hand.

In the case that I cannot attend your unplanned cesarean birth, I make sure to stay an extra hour to document even more moments of your newborns life from earlier on in your labor to then up to 3 hours after birth.

Can we meet beforehand?

Yes! Absolutely! I’d love to meet you before your big day. Getting to know one another can really help to create a comfortable environment for your birth. Depending on your needs, we can either have our initial consultation in person and then discuss your needs and wishes by email or phone. Or if you’d like to go ahead and have your consultation by phone then we can meet during your pregnancy to discuss further details in-person. Either way, I’d love to get to know you before photographing your birth.

How far will you travel for a birth?

I can travel up to an hour from Kreuzberg to attend your birth. So this can include all regions of inside the ringbahn in Berlin, and areas like Zehlendorf, Spandau, and even some locations in Brandenburg. Get in touch to see if I can make it to your birth where you are.