Doula FAQs

What is a doula?
A birth doula specifically supports pregnant people through their pregnancies, births, and the postpartum period with emotional and physical support. A postpartum doula helps to support the new families through the transition of childbirth into a new family structure and lifestyle as well as parenting.
What's the difference between a doula and a midwife?
A doula is a non-medical professional who takes care of the pregnant persons physical and emotional needs. A midwife on the other hand is a medical professional who takes care of the health of the pregnant person and the baby.
Do doulas replace partners in the birthing space?
Doulas and partners work together as a team to support the birthing person. A doula’s specialty is birth and a partners specialty is you, so with complementing knowledge we work together to support you through this experience. Doulas can remind partners of different comfort techniques they may have learned at a childbirth prep class or during a prenatal session so they can perform one technique as your doula performs another. Doulas also can step in for partners if they need a break to eat or rest.
Can doulas attend home births?
Yes! I support births in all birthing locations. During home births I can join you before you call your midwife to help work through early labor together to help you feel supported and comfortable. I also help to prepare the birthing space so it is as serene and cozy as possible in addition to all of the other ways I support you as your doula.
If I am planning and epidural, how can a doula support me?

Doulas can help with people who choose epidurals in many ways! Many people will labor at home for a while prior to going to heading to the hospital – I can provide support and comfort measures during this time. And ones the epidural is administered, I can help you maintain good positioning to ensure labor continues to progress, help with any additional decisions or questions you may have, take pictures, provide emotional encouragement, and help you get settled after the baby is born.

My friend or sister didn't have a doula, do you think I still need one?
Every pregnant and laboring person is different and may have different views on the types of birth they are interested in. Just as you and your best friend have different preferences for a gynecologists, you both may have different interests wether you choose to hire a doula and which that doula might be. Consider what would make you feel most comfortable and secure during your birth and who do you see there by your side?
Which hospitals or birth centers do you work at?
I support births in all areas of Berlin in hospitals, birth centers, and in your home. I don’t work with any specific hospital or have limits to where I can support you. If you have questions as to which hospitals allow doulas to join in, ask during your registration and get in touch with me if there are any issues.
Are doula services covered by my health insurance?
Typically public health insurances here in Berlin don’t cover the cost of a birth doula. If you are insured privately, get in touch with your provider and see if doula support may be covered.