Model Call:Fresh 48 and Family Portraits

Model Call:Fresh 48 and Family Portraits

A baby’s first months are made up of tiny moments that come and go in a flash. How will you remember it all?


Photography was one of my first passions in life before birth work came along for me. I studied and got a BFA in Photography, and documented many beautiful moments of transition and new life for people while working as a portrait and event photographer. After becoming a doula (birth and postpartum companion) I began photographing special moments in births for clients and re-connected with my love for documenting special moments for my clients.  My favorite moments to capture are those of strength, love, excitement, and raw emotion. I love capturing the sparkle in your eyes as you hold your baby close, the way your partner’s hands become gigantic with your small baby inside them. The first few weeks of a baby’s life are incredible and I want you to be able to remember those moments forever too. 

Newborn photography is an amazing opportunity to capture the emotions of a new family’s life together.

What are the benefits of hiring a newborn photographer?

  • I won’t just capture the moments you see, I’ll capture all the moments you miss
  • Relax, and enjoy someone else taking the photos
  • Have not just snapshots form when you remember to take photos but a full story told by me that includes the whole family
  • I come to you so you can still feel comfy at your place of birth or home instead of dragging yourselves and all baby supplies into a studio

See your toddler meeting their new sibling for the first time.

So, what is a model call?

The Model Call Fresh 48 includes:

  • Planning consultations on the phone, via email or in person.
  • A Loose on-call schedule to capture you and your new family within 48 hours of birth.
  • A 1 hour session at the place of birth to document your baby, you and your partner, your new family members meeting your new baby for the first time.
  • A custom gallery that includes 10 edited photos that you can share and use for your birth announcements.

The Model Call Family Portrait Session includes:

  • Planning consultations on the phone, via email or in person.
  • An at home comfortable 1 hour session to document your family with your new +1. Sessions are relaxed and include time for feedings and to go at your own pace.
  • A custom gallery that includes 10 edited photos that you can share and use.

What does it cost and are there other requirements?

My starting price for Fresh 48’s and Family Portrait Sessions are $300, but for the next three weeks I am offering a 66% discount! (That’s only $100!)
I will only be booking THREE Fresh 48’s and Home Family Portrait Sessions at this price. 

Requirements to be considered:

  • Your estimated due date MUST BE between February1st and March 30th.
  • You must sign a model release form for use of images to be used in promotional materials.
  • You must live in Berlin
Application deadline is January 31st.
If this sounds like a great opportunity to you, get in touch for more details. And feel free to pass info along to other pregnant friends and new families while the offer lasts! 
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