Lending Library

Lending Library

Every pregnant person has different interests and needs in their pregnancy and birth. Some books may inspire some and absolutely bore others. As a client of mine, you are free to request different books or ask for advice on what I could recommend for your individual pregnancy and birth.

Here is a list of the birth related books included in my lending library. If reading isn’t your thing, get in touch for other recommendations of ways to prepare and learn about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period such as podcasts, videos, soundtracks, and more. And if you have any suggestions of books you think I would enjoy and should add to my library, let me know!

Pregnancy, birth, and postpartum related books

The First Forty Days-Ou, Greeven, and Belger
Natural Hospital Book-Gabriel
The Mother of all Pregnancy Books- Douglas
Nurturing Beginnings- Bonaro and Arnold
Birth Matters- Ina May Gaskin
Pushed- Block
Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering-Buckley
Doulas and Intimate Labour: Boundaries, Bodies and Birth-Castaneda
Taking Charge of your Fertility-Weschler
The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding-La Leche League International
Birthing From Within- England and Horrowitz
Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth-Ina May Gaskin
The Birth Partner-Simpkin
Birthing From Within-England and Horrowitz
Expecting Better-Oster
The Fourth Trimester- Johnson
Why Homebirth Matters- Meddings

Non-birth related books but relevant

Nobody Told me: Poetry and Parenthood-Mcnish
Healing Wise-Weed
The Woman’s Handbook of Healing Herbs-Soule
Hashimoto’s Tyroiditis-Wentz

For birth clients I typically request all lent out material to be returned during our postpartum visit. And Postpartum clients to return materials by our last session together. 

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